The first “skill level identification project” of Huifeng was successfully completed

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In order to achieve the company’s goal of building a technician team. In May 2022, the company and Jinhua Vocational and technical college organized the “skill level identification project” for employees. The highlight of this activity is that the project is completely led by the company, and the government department guides and supervises the overall implementation. The company’s employees pass the internal evaluation, that is, the human resources and labor department issues the national recognized “technician title” qualification certificate.

The team members of this project are composed of professional teachers of the gold Vocational College and more than 10 experts from the company’s internal technology department, production department and planning department, focusing on the preparation of training materials, the formulation of evaluation standards, the design of examination questions, and the on-site evaluation of three types of work, including “lathe workers, fitters and assemblers”. At the same time, in order to maximize the value of this skilled worker evaluation activity, relevant experts use weekends to carry out targeted theoretical and practical training for front-line employees in the workshop, so that employees can take advantage of this opportunity to improve their skills.

The “intermediate” title recognition project of skilled workers in this period is only the beginning. With the demand of product improvement of the company, we must start from the source to improve and strengthen products, and the skill improvement of front-line operators is imperative. In the future, the company will further implement the project of identifying the level of skilled workers, take this as the starting point, and take the optimization of staff quality and personnel structure as the guidance to establish a skilled worker team that matches the development of the company.

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