Continuous input in new processes and new equipment to reduce costs

Design Innovation
Focus on Detail

The plastic surface of the terminal is innovative to prevent broken disconnection and winding.Apply more vibration electric tools

Equipment Innovation
Cost Control

In order to improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce manufacturing costs and enhance competitiveness with partners, the company continues to invest in automation equipment research and development and process innovation every year

Process Innovation
Improve Quality

  • Zoning Process

After the circular wire rolling, the gold phase organization is better than the original ordinary row, that is, the copper row is more dense, and the copper row is more wear-resistant

  • Squeehook Process

chamfer on the inner sides of the hook foot , It can effectively prevent the paint wrap wire disconnection during electric welding

  • Sharp Angle Process

Sharp Angle process of hook throwing foot, It can effectively prevent the rotor from scratching when winding

Technological Innovation
Risk Avoidance

  • Anti-short Film Device

In the process of copper sheet processing, automatically identify short films, lack of swallow tail and other bad, let the equipment shut down in time, to avoid the production of unqualified products