The kick-off meeting of “ERP+ intelligent logistics project” was successfully held

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On April 22, the launching meeting of Huifeng “ERP+ intelligent logistics project” was held in the training room on the first floor of the company. The software company’s project implementation team, the company’s team leader and above management personnel, and system operators attended. President Zheng, the person in charge of the project, explained the necessity of introducing the ERP system into the enterprise and the project implementation plan to the people present. President Yu, the chairman of the company, expressed his determination and confidence in the launch of the ERP system and asked all employees to cooperate with the project implementation.

ERP system is the basis of enterprise information construction. In the process of decision-making and selection, the company’s management team has determined the implementation team and project plan after full discussion, user research, software vendor scheme display, etc. in combination with the actual situation of the company.

2019 is the starting point for Huifeng to carry out information transformation. The launch of ERP project is not only a major decision based on the strategic needs of the enterprise, but also an important embodiment of the company’s management upgrading. The successful convening of this ERP project launch conference fully shows that Huifeng is striding into the era of informatization, lean and intelligent management!

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