Intelligentize Manufactruring, promote automation and intelligent logistics

Equipment Team

As a manufacturing enterprise focusing on equipment processing, the company always attaches importance to equipment innovation and professional training. Through continuous investment and team building in recent years, our company has built an equipment team integrating R&D, manufacturing and maintenance, which can meet the needs of continuous technological innovation, process innovation and automation transformation in the development of the company. At the same time, it has played a vital role in efficiency improvement, quality improvement, cost control and other aspects for the company.

In the new situation of reform and innovation in the manufacturing industry in the future, the equipment team will play an increasingly important role and become one of the company’s core competitiveness!

Squeeze and pull workshop

Extruder (various specifications, different production lines)

A Fine Pull Machine (adjustable pull size)

Discharge workshop

Ordinary automatic feed nd punch sheet

High-speed automatic feed and punch sheet

Layout workshop

Mica chip automatic chip machine(second generation 10000/24 hours)

Mica chip automatic chip machine(Thrid generations 8000/8 hours)

Suppress workshop

Automatic multi-chamber pressure die press (First generation)

Automatic multi-chamber pressure die press (Second generation)

Automatic multi-chamber pressure die press (Thrid generation)

Metalworking workshop

Automated Pipeline (First generation)

Automated Pipeline (Second generation)

Inspection workshop

Automated integrated detector (Second generation)

Automated appearance detector (Firast generation)

Automated appearance detector (Second generation)

Have an equipment manufacturing department and a mold manufacturing center

  • With high-speed two-way thrust level intake mode design and manufacturing capacity
  • With high-precision suppression mold design and manufacturing capability
  • Ability to design and manufacture stand-alone automation equipment
  • Have the design and manufacture of fully automatic assembly line equipment ability

Intelligent logistics
Production system

In recent years, HuiFeng has attached great importance to build the Information and intelligent factory .Has Been successfully implemented the“ERP +Intelligent Logistics”system, which is used in every link such assales order, raw material purchase, production plan, working procedure circulation, output report and finished product delivery, one thing one yard , itrealizes the control of product processing route, production schedule and the tracing of quality problems.