Huifeng carries out outdoor expansion group construction activities

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In order to enrich employees’ lives, enhance their sense of teamwork and stimulate their enthusiasm for work, the company recently organized a group building activity for outdoor expansion. More than 200 front-line managers and department personnel participated in this activity.

Under the guidance of the expansion coach, we have jointly completed the expansion projects such as passion beat, team movement, power rope loop, etc. each participant is fully committed, mutual aid and mutual trust, facing difficulties and challenges together, sharing success and joy, and creating a miracle of training.

Through the expansion training activities, we feel a lot: first, the importance of the team is self-evident. Without the cooperation and joint efforts of every member of the team, many goals would be difficult to achieve; Second, self transcendence is the key to success. Difficulties are real. Overcoming yourself and giving full play to your potential is the first step to success; Third, team communication is very important. Through more communication and sharing, good ideas and ideas can be improved, and finally help us move towards the other side of victory. When you return to your familiar working environment, we believe that as long as you give play to the team spirit of mutual assistance and mutual trust and treat every work as every challenge in the expansion training, there will be no difficulties that cannot be overcome and problems that cannot be solved!

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