More than 1,000 types of commutator had beendeveloped

Technical Team

  • Set up a research and development center, with senior industry experience in product design, process design, mold design and other fields of engineers
  • Hook type, groove type, full plastic type, coil type, pure copper plate type and other motor commutors used in various fields have been developed successively
  • In the squeeze pull, stamping, pressing, machining and other processes, the industry has advanced technology in the industry, to ensure product quality and consistency
  • Participate in the review of the development stage of customer new project (new product), and provide professional opinions according to customer needs

R&D Center

Product Research &

We have set up Technology R&D Center, build a group of professional R&D team to satisfythe developments to new type commutator by customers.Set up product Design&Development Dept, Process Dept, Tooling Design&Manufacturing Dept, EquipmentDesign & Manufacturing Dept, More than 1,000 types of commutator had beendeveloped.

  • Leading commutator manufacturing process design capabiltity
  • Leading design manufacturing capability for high-speed bidirectionalstamping progressive die
  • Leading high precision molding tooling design and manufacturing capability
  • Leading design and manufacturing capability of single-machine automationand fully automatic assembly line equipment